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Slot machines have been in the cold for several years as the slot payouts, jackpots and other privileges granted to table casino players weren’t avail.


However, with the revolution in the casino betting industry, slot machine accounts for over 70% of profits in the casino industry. Online casino betting has solved the newcomer panic thing experienced in in-land casino shops as newbie players may feel intimidated by the crowd at the casino table. However, in the case of slot machines, the online and physical shop betting is quite private hence no remarkable variations. Winning may not be easy as it is in slapping the slot machine; actually, slots machines are also referred to as slap machines. Slots betting can be done on physical casino shops using the slot machines else bet using the online slot machine, and the two functions the same thus no cause of alarm. Slots casino game mostly seem to be a mere luck game involving one inserting their coins into the slots machine and then hoping for the best outcome. Slot betting is done a lot in in-land betting as well as in online betting. Being a popular game all over the world, people have developed tactics and strategies to achieve wins from this slot casino gaming. In Kenya, there are numerous betting sites offering the slots casino game and also several physical slot machines hosting the slot casino game. The most important thing to know is that slot betting experts have come up with numerous betting strategies which are quite helpful to punters in maximizing on their payouts; Although trust me it is not easy! The most essential thing about online slot casino games is the intellectual aspect which may determine the gambler’s likelihood of making great returns else go home with a lightweight wallet. Basically, every gambler’s focus should be accessing details on the different bet types under the slots casino game, explore offline slots betting strategies, online casino strategies and maybe explore the most suitable bet combinations under the slots casino game. There are queries we need to have answered by the end of the review and these are; How to bet on slots? How can one make money on slots? What are the bet types for slots betting, and How to make money betting on online slot machines?

How to bet on Online slots machine

Many gamblers are failing in the casino betting industry due to pessimistic views on the whole betting thing assuming that they need no strategies, games are simple and going ahead to bet based on emotions.


However every betting venture needs a specific strategy, luck is important but that doesn’t guarantee you a hot streak for long especially in casino betting. Therefore go through these betting tips meant for slots casino betting and maybe try to come up with your strategies too.

  • Know that every pick per the slot spin is random. The slots casino machine whether online or at a physical shop picks a random symbol at the first, second and third slot reel.
  • Your winning probability relies on your ability to align the symbols of the winning combinations.
  • The symbol combinations cannot be manipulated thus the chances of winning are always the same.

Slot machine bet types

There are many types of slot machines in land-based and online slot casino and to make the betting experience more appealing, every slot machine comes with an explanation on how to play. The most common slot machine bet types entail:

Three-reel slot machines

These were the first slot machines invented; they had all the slot variations. These are still available in in-land slot machine shops though they are getting replaced due to technology advancement.

Five reel video slots

This is the recent slot machine slowly taking the place of the three reel slot machines as they have; more symbols, more combinations and more pay line. This means that the punter can bet on numerous picks and also using more money for better payouts.

Progressive slot

Every casino has the progressive slot feature which contributes to the progressive slot jackpot pool. To enroll in the progressive jackpot, bet with the maximum number of coins. Progressive jackpot members do get lesser payouts but have the opportunity to win great fortunes from slot machine betting jackpots.

Multipliers and bonus multipliers

The multiplier slot multiplies the payout depending on the number of coins the slot casino player has used. Bonus multiplier slots award extra payouts to participants who staked using maximum coins.

Stand-alone slots

These are not connected to the progressive jackpot and thus the gambler doesn’t have to lose some of their winnings to the jackpot pool. The stand-alone slot machine may be the ideal slot for people looking forward to huge returns and long term slot casino game exploring.

Multi-payline slot machine:

After making your predictions and betting, the winnings appear in a payline and as per modern technology, slots machines have multiple paylines and can take more coins. You just need to bet on the payline to activate it and newbie punters at times have managed to align correct combinations on these lines making this casino slot bet type seem quite easy.

Buy-a-pay slots

Every coin you use buys a winning combination which makes this the most suitable slot game to venture in. For you to win, you only need to put the correct number of coins which will attract a particular number of winning combination.

3-D slots

3-D slots are the most recent slot types combining the slots with a 3-dimensional storyline which may vary from adventure to romantic encounters.

Slot: Conclusion

Slot betting has taken over the betting industry following the game’s simplicity and this has seen the slot game is one of the top casino games currently. To bet safely on slots, any casino game or even in any other betting, consider doing sufficient research and come up with strategies from information sourced out of different sources which will sharpen your gambling skills.

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