IFAB made some changes to the rules of football

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IFAB made some changes to the rules of football

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will amend the rules of European football. You can watch them on the website of the organization www.theifab.com

In this article, we covered all aspects of the new rules:

  • Touch the ball with the hand. If the player who scored a goal, even inadvertently touched the ball with his hand, this would be a gross violation.
  • Replacing players on the field. Previously, the replaced player had to leave the field through the sideline where the bench is located, and in the new rules, the player will be obliged to leave the field through the nearest sideline.
  • The third change concerns breaking a free kick. Now the attacking team’s football players are forbidden to stand in the wall of the defending team when performing a free kick, but they can make their own.
  • Penalty. Now the goalkeeper has the right to touch the goal line with only one foot, not two.
  • Yellow and red cards. Now, not only players, but also coaches can receive yellow/red cards for rough behavior and other violations.
Changes will take effect this summer.

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