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With recent increased popularity in betting in Kenya, most gamblers have made betting almost dear to them. Betting is not a guaranteed wealth go get it avenue and there is equally a high risk of incurring big losses in case you wager blindly that’s without a plan and a betting guide on how to approach the betting venture. Most of the already developed betting strategies are based on mathematics and scientific concepts but this does not mean the average gambler cannot access the betting strategies. Most well-known betting strategies were developed under specific casino betting genres since casino betting was the original betting market availed during the time of the formulas and theories developed by ancient scientists. However, most of these betting strategies can be reframed to suit practically any betting market that's sports betting market, virtual betting, and even any casino game betting. There are many betting strategies availed by bloggers and betting experts but there have not been any sincere betting strategies that can be 100% recommended to gamblers in most betting guidelines reviews. Once you come across any betting strategy online or decide to develop your own strategy try to contemplate the betting technique’s ability to answer the following queries; What is the guarantee percentage of winning with the betting strategy? How risky is the betting strategy? What is the cost of investing in gambling using the specific betting strategy and finally try to understand the realism of the betting strategy ideas as some are not even sanely applicable? After considering the working of various betting strategies our experts decided to help all gamblers by identifying the best betting strategies as well as highlight betting strategies that really work. Based on the betting strategies interest, this review shall focus on various betting strategies applicable by Kenyan gamblers successfully; Spread betting strategies, mathematical betting strategies, value betting strategy, arbitrage betting strategy, Kelly betting strategy, betting corners betting systems, the martingale betting system football and ultimately highlight the best strategy recommendable for our newbie and pro punters. As you proceed to check into details on the betting strategies, have it in mind that some strategies focus on minimizing wager amount and lowering the bet value while other betting strategies basically apply concepts inconsiderate of the gambler’s financial status.

Spread betting strategies

There are numerous spread betting strategies and application of these betting strategies appropriately may guarantee huge returns from bets wagered. Beating the bookie is always tricky at times and sometimes these bets may take you through a rough isle in the case of unpreparedness. Spread betting strategies have been tested over time and proven to be ideal and reliable for punters and that’s irrespective of the traders urge to bet based on trends, ranges, reversals, breakouts or news trading. To apply the spread betting strategies effectively one must be able to put up with a basic code which entails these guidelines;

  • Use spread betting brokers with tighter spreads
  • Do not over trade
  • Get third party information in wagering your bets. This advises that the punter access kind of parallel dummy or demo betting resources.
  • The spread betting strategy ought to keep the gambler well updated of the market status and alert in case of any new developments in the betting arena.

Mathematical betting strategies

This approach entails betting strategies that embrace the application of mathematical concepts in making predictions as well as managing wager transactions. There are so many developed mathematical betting techniques which entail; 60% betting strategy, Bonus hunting strategy, Labouchere betting system, fixed profit betting strategy, Tan