Betway has become an established electronic bookmaking enterprise with comprehensive historical knowledge and expertise. Betway Kenya has unparalleled know-how in reference to client satisfaction; bet way maintains several of topnotch wagering service by internet-based betting enterprises.

Bookie's homepage is reputed about its absolutely amazing digital outlet for legal sports wagering, accompanied by solid casino portion. There're many exhilarating rewards and elements that gamers could reap the benefits from. You could review all of these dimensions of Betway Ke in our subsequent detailed analysis.


FreeBet Option Betway

Staking a Freebet on Betway sports is as effectual as staking with real cash. Punter would have to affix favoured games to betslip. Two choices are publicised atop betslip – Stake a Wager and Utilise Freebet.

Tap the second alternative (Utilise Freebet) and stake is rendered with available Freebet balance. When a bettor qualifies for FreeBet, it’s transferred to bettor’s exclusive FreeBet balance sheet.

Welcome Incentive Terms

Stringent terms and eligibility criteria accompany accession to earning Betway Co Ke Welcome incentive for prospective bettors. Moreso, bookie is magnanimous in doling out fifty percent of the inceptive cash lodgement bonus to the tune of 5000 Kenyan Shillings which serves as FreeBet as aforementioned. Thus, necessitating some terms to abide by in gaining such incentive; which follows below.

  • all prospective bettors must be newly enrolled;
  • enrolled bettors must wager on either Sports or Powerball that's commensurate to three times worth of inceptive funds lodged with 3.0 odds and above, only with the exception of simulated games, casinos and product of betgames;
  • bettor is awarded FreeBet(s) if requisite playthrough are met within thirty days which is exclusively done at bookie's volition; and
  • to the least, a wager on betslip must have either a win or loss outcome to be accounted for as wager in initial offer.

Betway Wagering Requirements Explained

In this section, there’s no ambiguity in relation to certain laid down rules that guides every punter on bet way Kenya. Why such idea? It’s to regulate player’s activities while on-site. However, a breakdown of requisite wagering entails the following crucial step-wise processes.

Every gamer must possess a single account profile, peruse and accept terms that apply, wagering account mustn’t be for commercial use, ensure update of personal data as and when due, avoid leaving wagering account quiescent over a period of six months; and ensure you notify Betway Kenya Contacts on time if you want to embark on protracted self-exclusion.

Betway’s Step-wise Enrollment Modus Operandi

Every prospective client whose wish is to join the platform undergoes mandatory enrolment thru hitting the REGISTER tab to commence the process; once the tab is hit, an electronic unfilled enrolment form pulls up where the client inputs every required detail necessary for fruitful enrolment. Below highlights a pictorial enrolment scheme a client faces.

 betway registration


This segment is readily accessible once a client has been successfully enrolled. What’s needed for successful entry into Betway is inputting precise username and password before tapping the LOGIN tab highlighted in light green hue towards extreme right part of the homepage.

Horse Racing

On other web domains, wagering on horse racing is inculcated in electronic sports segment, unfortunately, Betway esports doesn’t have such wagering option after we did a thorough research of all gambling options available on bookie’s gambling portal in its entirety.

This sounds absurd for Kenyan punters who perhaps were expectant of interesting incredible virtual or real activities when it comes to esports, especially horse racing.


Wagering on rugby games is cute and exciting. Herein you could wager on either rugby union, aussie rule, and other international rugby competitions/leagues globally. What's the catch per se as part of Betway games? There're wonderful functions that make gambling lucrative, you'd see specific schedules of games according to championships and leagues that abound worldwide.

Also, herein you'll definitely find betting markets as in football, like handicap, outrights, end results, double chances, highest scores possible per half and probable winning margin. Importantly, there are gambling alternatives in respect of realtime wagering, which is enabled if there's sufficient funds in your account balance, by simply hitting the LIVE button which is accessible either thru bookie's web domain or portable smart gadgets.

Electronic sports

It’s a section that contains all simulated gaming events, that’s computer-generated or algorithms run it. It’s a very amazing innovation in the gambling industry all world over; bringing a broad spectra of conceivable imaginative games into fruition for gaming fancies of bettors who are offered two exclusive betting markets –highlights and outrights – on every sport marketplace – Overwatch, COD, Starcraft, Counter strike, LOL etc. But no betway casino Kenya, as highlighted in the diagram that follows.

 betway esports


Created in the realm of games or sporting events in 1860s in Great Britain, it morphed from largely a leisure activity into big time professional leisure game of international repute, which carried over unto electronic gaming platforms and broadcast championships showcased on Betway bets.

 betway darts

Today it's a multi-million dollar sporting business. To enjoy gambling on darts, there's a tab after opening the SPORT section, and there you go. You could stake wagers prior to and after or even while the game is in-process (Live).

Premier League Darts

Floated in mid 2000s under the aegis of Sky Sports, England, this gaming action is an annual event runs from February through May.

As the darting game ensues, 10 participants from different countries compete in paired model termed double round robin as displayed on Betway bets.


Such gaming activity doesn’t feature on Betway bets for Kenyans, unfortunately.

Markets Available

This section highlights two things in common. It makes the distinction between two marketplaces that are often misconstrued as one. Herein, we have sports marketplace – comprising of all sporting and gaming events made accessible for wagering purpose on Betway Co Ke; - while the second is the wagering marketplace – encompassing all wagering options like 1 by 2, odds per game, goalscorer(s), corner kick, draws, goals to be scored on either halves, and many more. As a reminder, note that wagering marketplaces changes rapidly at intervals.

 betway esport

Betway Mobile Promotional Offers

Freebies and promos are increasing in internet gambling channels. Betway app provides several incentives plus promos to hold the pressure high. By tapping on the Promotions tab in the app, you'd display have latest and existing deals and their exclusive offers. These are all smartphone plus web bonuses exclusive for Kenyan punters:

First Goalscorer Promo

Choose first four goal scorers in a game every week in four chosen games. Make accurate choices, and you'll earn up to Kenyan Shillings 700000. Review the statistical data and customise your picks or the random select tab does the selection on your behalf. The participation is Free and if the reward isn't earned, it's carried over till the full prize cap is met.

 betway promo first goalscorer

Betway’s Rebound Boost Promo

Having lost several lines and trying to stamp your footing or shape? Be keen on being vigilant on your wagering balance to guage if you've been given a lift as a palliative to get right back into wagering.

Betway’s Winning Boost

Improve your multibet won wagers to the tune of 100%. You would increase the percentage for each leg with odds of 1.2 or higher affixed to your multibet betslip. When more legs are added; the boost becomes incremental. Punter’s increased won wagers would be credited to the account.

 betway winboost

Welcome Offer

Punters are offered about to 50 percent of the Freebet, to the tune of Kenyan Shiilings 5000 upon an inceptive cash lodgement. This offer comprises 3x Sports wagers or jackpots pegged at 3.0 or greater.

 betway welcome bonus

Betting put on betting and simulated sports wouldn't apply to satisfying the conditions for the opening offer. The enrollment offer would be credited as soon as the valid betting slip(s) have culminated in or have seen at least one match resulting.

Money Back Boost Promo

Money Back Increase confides in BetYourWay and brings punters more faith to their favourite clubs. Apply 6 or more bets to the multibet slip and you'd be reimbursed up to 20 times the wager if either of your bets were down.

 betway promo 20x

Live Wagering Review on Betway

What you have got to do is locate the in-play function to wager. This is possible via the LIVE tab, which upon tapping it takes you to the menu harbouring a few or sometimes many reallive actions that suits your fancy where you may consider wagering on or not.

 betway live

Cashout Function

This function enables players in making smart decisions regarding settling wagers prior to game's end or its kick-off.

 betway withdrawal

However, there're two issues that necessitates such move: on Betway Ke it's either when you're about sensing a loss in a bid to recoup potential loss or when you're on the brink of grabbing a win and you'd need to have your winnings much earlier. Also, try to look out for some icon(s) beside the preferred game with an inscription "CO".

Livestreaming Function

You've got to sort out digital livestreaming timetable on Betway Ke as a bettor if you wish to gamble on live in-play.

While it might be a couple seconds late sometimes due to buffering, it's a lot more enjoyable than seeing a videostream or frequent updates of livescores from your bet and other games. Punter must have some funds in the account in order see various livestreams.

Betway mobile-structured app

Betway Kenya app is one of the big elephants in the room; that’s to say that they’re a household tool among many Kenyan-based players.

Due to the high density of wagering enthusiast in the gambling sector, the bookmaker considered it necessary to really get a working but well-developed betting tool that meets the gambling needs of various bettors in Kenya. As is obtained in order digital gambling climes, Bet way app covers both iOS and Android-run portable smart gadgets systems very well.

Bookmaker launched a Betway app that contends with any of its equivalents in both design and operability. However, Betway Kenya app was developed in view of punters whose smartphone's OS is Android 4.1 plus later upgrades and iOS 11.0 and above (as stipulated on Apple download platform) are deemed fit in respect of download.

When a bettor closes-in on the application, he/she’s taken to games segment webpage displaying sporting actions that whets your wagering concerns for instant wagering action.

Betway Games app presents an uncomplicated, innate structural design with a vivacious, smooth UI guaranteeing powerful, unmatched swift accessibility, self-sufficient of the segment on sports gambling, customer loyalty programme, inplay wagering service, or segment on incentives.

Betway app works in tandem with a multitude of convenient sections atop every page providing the possibility of traversing on bookie’s web domain, exhibited thru an array of contrasting hues to easily spot out individual sporting activities. The segment on gambling is activity-ladened; offering detailed assortment of pro sports including reasonable odds - a key factor why gamers troop out en masse on the domain.

Mobile Login Betway

Logging in is the gateway into the unfelt world of Betway sports platform. What is needed to enter is just enrolling successfully and making inceptive cash lodgement necessary to wager or if you’re an oldtimer, just get in inputting your log-in data accurately, and also ensure that you have some funds ready in your account.

Betway Client Support Availability

To ensure active responsiveness and constant attendance to problems and technical challenges encountered by gamers daily as they troop en masse to get fixated on Betway eSports wagering, bookie has setup several reachable communication channels that takes care of queries and needs of her esteemed bettors in real time daily thru electronic mailing, calls, social media handles, livechat and online form.

 betway support

Betway Cash Lodgement and Pullout Options

Betway guarantees that cash lodgments and cash pullouts are secure. Wherever you use Betway Ke for financial transactions as a Kenya player, you're offered a few financial solutions for both lodgements and pullouts.

For cash lodgements: funds lodgement are enabled only thru Airtel Money and Mpesa to the least of 10 Kenyan Shillings and up to a max of 70000 Kenyan Shillings daily for both alternatives. Others added are Mpesa online and bank cards.

 betway deposit

For cash pullouts: funds pullouts are enabled only thru Airtel (least – 70000 Kenyan Shillings) and Mpesa to the least of 50000 Kenyan Shillings daily.


Verifying of Betway Account

It's follows laid down procedural rule by which punter has to tender copies of any form of legitimate national ID like passport or driver's license, latest proof of payment of utility bill, bank details as statement.

What’s Betway Customer Care Reachout Channels?

Bookie has setup several reachable betway contacts channel that takes care of queries and needs of her esteemed bettors in real time daily thru electronic mailing, calls, social media handles, livechat and online form.

What’s the standard Winnings Pullout Duration?

It takes 24-hours.

Where are they Based?

It is a corporate consortium called based in the Island of Malta and Guernsey, with cross country support bases in UK and South Africa and Isle of Man.