Mathematical Betting Strategies

Mathematical betting strategies we have applied and tested thus we are sure they apply for green gamblers as well as the very experienced punters.

Betting Corner Strategy

The corner betting strategy involves betting on the exact number of corners, 2-way corners betting option, over betting option and under a set number betting selections.

Martingale Betting System for Football

The Martingale betting system works by doubling the stake thus this betting strategy can only work for gamblers who have no stake limitation as well as have enough money in their banks.


How to make big cash at casino betting? What platforms offer casino games?

How to bet on Basketball

Making bets bets on basketball matches, understanding of the basic principles, money line and handicap bets.

Casino Games

The grouping of these casino games has been done based on the largest Kenya’s casino hub.


Roulette, as the game name suggests, is a spin and wheel game with the roulette name retrieved from the French word “Roulette” meaning small wheel.

How to Bet

In this article, we give you detailed instructions on how to start betting on sports, where to start and which site to choose.

Value bet

The betting value bet implies the real probability of the outcome which differs with the betting site’s set probability that’s through the odds. To understand the concept of value bet.

How to bet online

What are the online bet types, registration on the site, account replenishment and live betting access, do betting with us!