betting on basketball

Basketball betting is one of the most popular sports betting market options in Kenya’s betting industry.

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We can possibly argue that basketball betting comes in second after football betting that’s based on sports betting consideration. Betting on any event is sometimes highly influenced by the sporting event’s popularity and maybe the fan base.

For instance, football is the one most popular and highly followed sport in the world and thus the leading sports betting option meaning the popularity in the leisure and sports field is related to the betting habits of gamblers in that sporting events.

Basketball sports betting market is quite simple especially to the real basketball fans who are well informed on the basketball games terminologies, rules, and basics. However, that does not mean you must be necessarily a basketball fan for you to stake in this market.

To be a basketball gambling ‘Guru’ you just need to know the basic rules of the game and basketball bet types availed by most betting sites. The market betting options range may not be that large but the betting sites always ensure that the punter has quite a number of options to make predictions from.

Most of the betting sites offer basketball betting resources based on the NBA (National Basketball Association) codes and ethics. Basketball is a fast-game offering a fascinating way for fans to earn income. This review is ideal for a newbie as well as pro punters to learn on the different market options availed by betting sites on basketball.

Wondering how many markets we have under basketball betting? We shall elaborate on a few basic ones and the rest you may learn with time but here we have enough details for your startup in basketball betting.

Our key focus shall be Money line basketball betting, Handicap basketball betting, Parlays and teasers, and finally the Totals basketball betting. Are you ready to learn on basketball betting and how to make relatively good money betting on basketball online? Go through the basketball betting basics under this review.


This basketball betting market is not the most popular but it is highly wagered on by gamblers every day. Betting on totals popularly known as the over/under market may be done by predicting based on scores.

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That’s predicting the point score to hit a certain limit after the bookmaker has set a certain limit of the collective points of the two playing teams. Then the punter will be expected to predict whether the actual points will exceed or be below the preset limit.

This is more like the over/under market under football sports betting thus any basketball follower will be able to predict the correct points level based on the team's previous performances and past statistics.

For instance in a match between Tianjin and Fujian basketball teams, if the total set point limit is 238.50, a person who predicts an over wins if the points are 289 or greater and one who staked on under wins if the points are 237.50 or lower.

Other bet selections categorized under the points consideration betting option is entailed:

  • Odd/Even points. Even points will have the total amount of points giving an even number and with no decimal. While an odd outcome requires that the overall value will be odd and this covers the decimals.
  • Home team Over/Under and Away team Over/Under picks. The gambler is able to predict if the points garnered by the Home team of Away team exceed certain limits set by the bookmaker.
  • Winning margins. This betting option takes into account the possible difference between the collective points garnered by the two teams. That’s by subtracting the lower points from the higher hence if a draw we get zero, otherwise the margin is obtained and the gambler is expected to stake based on ranges provided by the betting site.


This is the most popular betting option under the basketball sports betting and it just requires the punter to wager on a certain team to win the bet.

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For simplicity purposes, it is just similar to the 1X2 bet type under football betting only that there is no draw option. It’s either one of the teams to win or lose.


This betting option is well known for leveling the playing field. Thus a handicap number is factored into the final result changing the outcome by either using the favorite (+) or the disadvantaged (-) handicap.

The handicap value differs that’s it may be +3.5 or -3.5 handicap, +4.5 or -4.5 handicaps, etc..

 basketball handicap

For instance in the game between Tianjin (+7.5) and Fujian (-7.5) basketball clubs, if we apply a +7.5 and -7.5 handicap, and Tianjin won the game (100 – 96), bets on their-7.5 handicap would actually lose.

This is because for the purpose of this bet they started the game with -7.5pts, and therefore we have to subtract 7.5 from their final score. This makes the match outcome 92.5 – 96 in Fujian’s favor.


Betting on basketball does not actually end with the three big categories discussed since we have even other categories referred to as parlays and teasers. Therefore, keep yourself updated on any new developments in the basketball betting field.

Also, take it easy as basketball bets placing is similar to normal betting thus once you have enough knowledge on what features surround basketball betting, you will be good to proceed with your basketball betting venture.