The proliferation of bookies in the Kenyan wagering sector isn’t a surprising phenomenon at all. However, it comes with a variety of hybrid betting choices punters relate well to in accomplishing their wagering needs.

Take Mbet for instance, its inceptive debut is like a power punch for other enterprises vying for few debris or chunks of the market share. As usual, it showed forth on the Kenyan gambling horizon with developed-to-taste functionalities and services archetypal of other sites.


Though its platform isn’t the type that’s so elegant and fanciful; but one of its selling points is the plethora of promotional offers and forms of rewards that cut across several wagering strata bettors identify themselves with. The following topics would do justice to other aspect of mbet Kenya in diverse ways that can’t be captured in one fell swoop.

M bet Ratings

As a relatively new bookie on Kenya’s gambling turf, much cannot be authoritatively expounded on regarded m bet. It’s strongly advised that any prospective punter should try to find a way around the site and carefully look through its unique services, offers, sports markets and functionalities that appeals to him/her when compared to others. But, we must state emphatically herein that there are many takeaways that make the bookie thick you’d find interesting in the long run.

M bet Promos and Bonuses

In relation to this part of m bet Kenya, the bookie did what’s best; as result we duff our gambling hats for them. It’s not easy, in fact, it’s something difficult to come by for new bookmaking entrants where the stakes are high to engage bettor and lure them over another platform. Hence, m-bet did their best in floating two incentive ladened packages.

As expected, there’s a Welcome Bonus for new registrants and Loyalty Bonus for consistently faithful players on mbet co ke.

The right way to go about getting these wonderful offers is by accessing the bookies web domain at, upon opening, take a look at the left segment of bookie’s portal, then tap the black BONUS tab, of which when done drops down a red tab to click on to see the offers hidden therein.

For m-bet Kenya, there’re two offers up for grabs like aforesaid. Welcome Bonus is awarded any new registrant after successfully making an inceptive cash lodgement of choice, and then receive 25 Kenyan Shillings tout de suite as freebet.

Whereas, the Loyalty Bonus on Mbet assumes the form of a bonus shower of 25 Kenyan Shillings on gamers every time 10 tickets plus 250 Kenyan Shillings are staked on wagers. It's easy and enticing, but it's worth it.

M bet Description

m bet Kenya can be described simply as relatively new bookmaker with some fun-ladened attributes that garnishes punter’s betting experience with loads of stuffs while on-site. The portal has a characteristic black and red colour separation, with bookie’s corporate logo adorning top left part of the black broad banner also harbouring login, JOIN NOW and language selection components to the right.

Below this banner is the red thin broad, but horizontal strip containing Sports Betting, Contact Us, Register, DEPOSISTS/WITHDRAWALS, BE AN AGENT plus mbet co ke social media handle links. Just beneath this red strip is an ash-coloured strip containing every HOW TOs to guide you while using the portal.

 mbet jackpot

Then coming to the main content segment, to the right of the webpage are all dissimilar tabs for gaming markets cum wagering markets, incentives, help (if need be), results (both live and after-play), et cetera. In the central part of webpage are adverts, assortment of wagering marketplaces both on-going and scheduled to take place, then to the left are betslip and beneath the betslip are some pictorial explanations of how to use some functions, then far right but at the base of the webpage is the on-site live chat function.

M bet Desktop Web Domain

This is the epicentre of all gambling activities. It’s serves as the embodiment of complete m-bet Kenya in every ramification. Nothing is said to be amiss.

Like other web domains would be accessed thru secondary weblinks, such is not applicable to m-bet. The only route to enter the web domain is

M bet Online Rules

Mbet has some codes of conduct that regulates bettor’s behaviour and entry eligibility criteria. Now, we're going to highlight the key ones that are sine qua non to betting possibility while on mbet Kenya.

 mbet rules

It's a must that every prospective bettor will be 18+ before enrolling, anything below, even if it's 17 plus 11 months isn't accepted.

Afterwards, ensure to read, comprehend and digest the laid down terms plus conditions as marshalled out by bookie before tapping the accept button to seal enrolment. M-bet reserves every right to suspend or terminate any punter's account if bookie suspects or detects fraudulent or frivolous behaviour that contravenes Mbet's principles. Also, players should bear in mind that all their prospective winnings are subjected to taxation in accordance with Kenya's extant laws and this will be enforced by M-bet Kenya.

When it comes to financial transactions on bookie's web domain, it's serious and sensitive in the sense that every player must have one wagering account wherein every on-site transaction is conduction for both lodgement and pullout of funds. Where there's use of an account alien to that which is in bookie's database, m bet Kenya reserves the right to terminate such account instantly.

M bet Forms of Wagering

On Mbet Kenya the wagering forms available to players are numerous. These betting forms reflects gamer's preference. Therefore, there's SINGLE BET - wager made on one marketplace or selection out of virtual gaming event.

There's also COMBI BET - wagering on two or more marketplaces from dissimilar gaming events.

M-bet Kenya offers also, SYSTEM BET - wagering on three or more marketplaces from dissimilar gaming events. The last is SPLIT COLUMN BET - wagering on three or more marketplaces if two marketplaces are chosen from same gaming event.

M bet Wagering on Football Marketplaces

Football, if we would say, is the king of sports; but not everyone agrees to this maxim, at least for hardcore Indian cricket lovers. However, m bet showcases many wagering marketplaces suiting for every match.

 mbet football

Under football wagering these are made available: normal bet - player has to wait till the match is over, cases of additional or extra time are all inclusive; multiple bets - picking three wagers at least of each match according to gaming activity; double chance - wagering on two probable results (1x2: 1x - implies you support home team to win or there's draw, 12 - either of the team wins, x2 - implies that visiting or away team wins or there's draw);

Handicap - giving a virtual edge of a prospective win to a weaker team, let's say giving them a goal lead; 45 minutes (first and second halves) - wagering on possible outcomes of either halves in favour of your choice team; others are Over/Under (first and second halves) - implies sum of goals scored or you anticipate to be scored, for instance, Over = +3.5 goals or Under = -3.5 goals in favour of a team of choice;and Even/Odd goals scored.

M bet Livestreaming

Regrettably, there’s no such availability of this service for gamers on m bet.

What could be said of m bet?

Mbet is rapidly gaining traction with their foothold on the betting arena in Kenya. It’s a bookmaker that’s highly recommended, and in our own opinion, it’s worth giving a try.

There’s a lot to catch up with: multiple marketplaces for games and wagering, instant bonus giveaways, swift response of live chat or client service team regarding any query or issue, easy accessibility via app and web domain, and lots more.

M bet Promotional Offers

On this part, the bookie is deficient, but we anticipate an improvement on this in the future.

M bet Odds and Limits

M bet Kenya can boast of quality wagering margins above 8 percent in football marketplaces, however, generally, m bet averages on its sportsbook is pegged at 6.5 percent as wagering margin.

 mbet odds

After doing some assessment of basic odds on the football marketplace ranges from as low as 3 percent to a little above 100 percent.

M bet Casino

mbet co ke doesn’t have any casino facility on-site for Kenya players. That’s very unfortunate though.

Funds Lodgement and Pullouts

M-bet kenya offers expedient monetary transaction alternatives that captures both lodgement and pullout.

There's nothing difficult in their usage, it's at the mercy of a click. For funds lodgement – Mpesa (via Safaricom) and Airtel money.

 mbet deposit safaricom

Funds pullout - Mpesa, Airtel Money and bank transfers in relation to pullout of bigger sums.

 mbet deposit airtel

m bet Client Service

Mbet Kenya has a system of client service established to cater for several customer-based queries and complaints emanating from site's usage or any other related issue.

This service is 24/7 over 365 or 366 days within working hours of 9 am to 10:30 pm; electronic mail, social media handles, phone-in hotlines and live chat facility and e-form for registering query.

 mbet customer care

Security and Dependability

M bet is reliably built and backed up by a team of dedicated professionals under the auspices of the bookmaker.

There are constant security checks and tests to ascertain bookie’s web domain’s safety and security of player’s data and money from hackers and troubleshootings who might be used to compromise the bookie’s integrity.

M bet Enrollment: Bettor’s Account Opening

Mbet co ke enrollment is easy and takes a few moments to accomplish in realtime. What's necessary are provision of gamer's cellphone number as username, password (we advise to make in case-sensitive and alphanumeric plus the addition of a unique symbol to make is difficult for compromise).

After filling the required fields, just tap the broad bar below to submit and follow up on subsequent steps.

 m-bet registration

M bet mobile App

Mbet co ke has specifically built a wonderfully elegant app that is updated and matches nicer apps of other wonderful bookies operating in Kenya. Bookie's app is built to run exclusively on android systems without major glitches or bugs.

 m-bet app

This implies that players using Windows or iOS smart gadgets would feel prejudiced in a gambling sense. But that's not the problem; the issue is that most players possess android powered gadgets mostly. However, downloading and deploying the app is just via the site because it's an apk due to its non-availability of it on Google Play Store.


Thru what means can cash pullout be possible?

Here are bookie’s possible alternatives for funds pullout - Mpesa, Airtel Money and bank transfers in relation to pullout of bigger sums.

App and Apk M-Bet: Differentiate?

Apps are just miniaturised softwares deployed on platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. However, apk comes in the form of files that are deployed exclusively on android platforms.

Mobile M-bet enrollment procedure?

There’s no magic, it follows same procedure as though you’re enrolling via the web domain.

Is it possible to make money by betting on sports?

Wagering for the purpose of profit is lucrative but it has to follow laid down regulations as rolled out by m bet.

How can I get started betting on sports?

Upon enrolment, just fund your wagering account and traverse to the portion of the web domain where gaming marketplaces are abound to make your choice.

How do I choose my selections?

It’s only a matter of player’s preference.

Should I ever pay for sports betting tips?

There’s controversy over this issue, but we think that there is no clarity on this matter. But consult few sites for insights or contact client service team.

Is it safe to do sports betting online?


How do I get started betting on sports for real money?

Only thru enrolling and making inceptive funds lodgement.