Roulette, as the game name suggests, is a spin and wheel game with the roulette name retrieved from the French word “Roulette” meaning small wheel.

The game is played by placing a bet through selecting a resting point of a small size ball found within the roulette table. The ball spins at the rate of the wheel’s rotation and eventually loses its speed ending up on one of the roulette slots which determines the gambler’s win status.

The betting chances vary depending on the selections one has made as there are numerous points within which the roulette ball can rest. The roulette’s possible resting points are;

  • Single number
  • A range of numbers
  • The colors red or black
  • Odd or even number
  • High or low number depending on the center point of the particular roulette

The Roulette casino game is a really simple and amusing game which every gambler inclusive of the newbie punters in the casino genre must have come across. Roulette gaming is not all about pressing the spin button and hoping for luck but it’s a casino game governed by several rules and played using self-developed tricks which once applied well one may end up reaping a lot of money.

Before exploring the Roulette casino gaming code, it is good that you first understand that casino games are never manipulated due to the strict rules by the betting board that’s on the worldwide casino as well as local Kenyan casino.

Therefore it is upon you to gamble professionally and try by all means to outsmart the casino software as well as the casino dealers in order to earn at least some profit from your stake. Under this review, we shall focus on roulette betting basics, types of bets under roulette casino, and roulette strategies.


The roulette background information is just so obvious and easy to grasp. There are red and black slots all over the roulette with only one or two greens slots that will depend on whether you decide to take on European single zero type roulette or the American single Zero type roulette.

The green slot/slots mark the starting point of the roulette and hence it’s the zero point of the roulette. The roulette may be run by software and the punter will place the bet themselves then rotate the ball like it is in the African roulette game, else one may bet on the live Roulette where a dealer lets you place your bets and then a host will rotate the will and through in the ball. After spinning the host will announce the winning number, range or color.

The wheel rotating and placing of bets is similar regardless of the shape and layout of the table which does vary from betting site to another. However, the most essential aspect to note on the roulette casino is the types of bets availed on this market


Betting type and options highlighted here are the key bet types you may come across in roulette betting either online or in in-land roulette betting. Basically the more the numbers you bet on, the higher the chances of winning in roulette and hence the lower the payout.

 roulette types Just like in sports betting, the favorite teams are awarded lower odds thus increasing the likelihood of you winning and decreasing the risk will only account to your lower value returns. However that does not mean you entirely risk your cash as it depends on your plan, and if you can take low return value for your stake, then come on! Go for it! The roulette betting types entail:

Inside bets: The roulette wheel has two sections; one part consisting of single numbers may be from zero to 37 and the other section having the color bet options, number ranges, Odd/Even option, columns and dozens. The single number part is the Inside bet part and also the main part of the roulette and this section is straight forward on the possible combinations one can make which are; Straight, split, street (bet on three consecutive numbers), Basket, six lines, etc…

Outside bets: These are bets placed outside the number field that’s the field that cover the number groupings area; Red or black, Odd or Even, Dozens, Columns, and High or low. Another bet under the outside bet which is not very popular is the red snake and black snake bet but it’s not yet established in Kenyan casino roulettes.
Announced bets: These are mostly featured in French roulette but they are also quite popular in European