mathematical betting strategies

Mathematical betting strategies are more efficient than any other betting strategy ever developed in the betting industry history as this approach entails the use of probability and other statistical formulas to calculate bet values, winning potential of the specific selections and maybe even the correct amount of money a punter should consider investing in a particular wager. The different mathematical betting strategies have well defined and proven formulas which vary depending on the mathematical strategy you choose.

However, when you hear “mathematics” mentioned don’t panic! I bet that’s what the average gambler would result in. Hence thanks to the mathematicians and scientist behind the engineering of these formulas as most of these mathematical betting strategies are well simplified to enable the average punter wager with ease.

Have you ever wondered why most inventors of these mathematical betting strategies confess not to having really applied them in real betting? Is it because they don’t work? Or maybe it is because they are paid handsomely by betting pros and betting skills providers? It will depend on your guess; however, under this review, we are highlighting mathematical betting strategies we have applied and tested thus we are sure they apply for green gamblers as well as the very experienced punters.

I guess at some time while analyzing bet games to wager you have occasionally wished you could get a real analysis approach which doesn’t necessarily rely on luck or instincts following. Mathematical betting strategies are what you really need hence get the details on the most applicable mathematical betting strategies and also do research on the others.

The mathematical betting strategies entail; 60% betting strategy, Bonus hunting strategy, Labouchere betting system, fixed profit betting strategy, Tank attack betting strategy, Miller’s betting strategy, Maria staking plan betting strategy, System 2 of 3 double wins betting strategy, Dutch system betting strategy amongst other mathematical betting strategies.


The long term goal of the 60% mathematical betting strategy is to ultimately increase the punter’s wager amount by 60%. This strategy requires that the gambler chooses odds between 1.70 and 1.80 then make the first bet with 1% of their wallet amount, each stage consisting of five bets.

The bet of the next bet increases with each loss in the previous bet in the order; Bet #1 – 1% of the bank, Bet #2 – 3.5% of the bank, Bet #3 – 9.5% of the bank, Bet #4 – 24.5% of the bank, and Bet #5 – 61.5% of the bank. The punter may end up losing lots of cash in case they experience a stream of losses which is not possible with the odds between 1.70-1.80. Maybe using a real-life example consider having a Ksh.1000 bankroll;

  • Bet #1 – Ksh.10 at @1.75. Loss. There’s Ksh.990 balance.
  • Bet #2 – Ksh.35 at @1.75. Loss. There’s Ksh.955 balance.
  • Bet #3 – Ksh.95 at @1.75. Loss. There’s Ksh.860 balance.
  • Bet #4 – Ksh.245 at @1.75. Loss. There’s Ksh.615 balance.
  • Bet #5 – Ksh.615 at @1.75. Win. The final wallet balance is Ksh.1076.25.

Considering that the winning could happen twice or even earlier, this formula is easy and efficient for gamblers to apply in their betting activities but most applicable in sports betting genres.


This mathematical betting strategy entails the collection and use of offered bonuses at the betting sites. Most bookmakers offer enough promotion offers and bonuses which are ideal for any punter to apply the bonus hunting strategy.

Mostly dwell on betting sites offering sign up bonus, cashback bonus, accumulator bonus amongst other bonus offers availed by the Kenyan betting sites. It is also advisable for gamblers to identify betting sites with more favorable promotion offers and jackpot bonuses in order to increase the value of their bets and also possible return values of their wagers.


This mathematical betting strategy emphasizes on the division of the total possible payoffs into ten equal pieces then put any subsequent entries in one line. In simple terms, if we had divisions in the format 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 and 10 we would have decided to make a profit of Ksh.100 by having Ksh.10 from each wager.

fter making the divisions based on the punter’s expectations, place your first bet using the formula W(Expected gain)/ (Odd-1) ensuring that the first bet odd is at least a 2.0. In a scenario of continued losses, the ultimate expectation will still be met for instance see the case:

  • 1st stake – $10. The loss we add the 10 to the end of the line that’s; 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 10.
  • 2nd stake the calculation will be (15+10)/(2.0-1) = $25. Loss, our line becomes 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 10 25.
  • 3rd stake – $20 (15+25)/(3.0-1). Win. This time we were lucky, so we cross out the first and last numbers from our series and continue betting.


This mathematical betting strategy specifies that gamblers bet based on a fixed desired profit using the formula P(fixed desired profit)/ (Odd-1) to determine the stake amount of the next bet in cases of varying odds on the bet events. For instance, if you want to make a profit of Ksh.1000 using an odd of 1.50, then you ought to stake 1000/(1.5-1)= Ksh.2000 as per the formula.

We recommend that punters fix their desired profits based on the odd range that’s higher desired profit for lower odds and vice verse. The only limitation with this mathematical betting strategy is that there is a 50% chance of the gambler having to guess the possible outcome in order to make a profit in the long run.


There are many other mathematical betting strategies available today but the punter has to be careful when it comes to their application. Of course, these betting strategies provide some sort of approach when staking but at the end, luck may also take the day since some of these sporting events are subject to changes and complete turn of events.

Therefore, apply these strategies alongside all other betting guidelines offered under this betting review to increase your wagering competitive advantage over the betting sites.