betting handicap

Betting using betting strategies has been receiving huge support from Kenyan bettors as they provide guidelines and maybe a solid approach to betting hence eliminating guessed betting. However, betting strategies never guarantee a 100% winning probability to punters but they help the punters acquire knowledge and statistics hence making the staking process simpler.

Martingale betting system is one of the oldest betting strategies witnessed in the gambling world with its initial application being on coin toasting in France. This betting strategy is advocated by many newbie and pro punters due to its simplicity considering that one does not have to apply any math or do the complex and tedious calculations witnessed in other betting strategies such as the mathematical betting strategy, value betting strategy, and even arbitrage betting strategy.

The application of the Martingale betting system is possible in a vast number of betting markets that’s; sports betting, Virtual betting, casino betting, and any other betting field. The Martingale betting system football application sometimes becomes complicated considering that it should be used in the cases of casinos such as roulette, and the other markets having fixed odds. This strategy is risky and even hard to make great fortunes out of it as it is effective in events having even odd or close to even odds.

This means that in the Martingale betting system the punter is expected to bet on tight events that’s events which may be hard to predict. The Martingale betting system works by doubling the stake thus this betting strategy can only work for gamblers who have no stake limitation as well as have enough money in their banks as one may experience a chain of losses.

The Martingale betting system is a high-risk approach and may lead to huge losses as the stake becomes bigger after every loss in a bid to recover the lost stake and win at least a unit with the winning bet. The basic aspects of the Martingale betting system approach which encourages punters to use the method are:

  • Martingale betting system is easy to use
  • Martingale betting system is very ideal for short term betting scenarios.
  • The punter is able to know how much they have bet and won at a particular time.
  • There are increased chances of winning which come with equal risk proportionality
  • It is applicable is any two way even odds event be it in virtual betting, casino betting, sports betting, etc…


Despite the fact that the Martingale betting system favors fixed odds markets like the Roulette casinos, the Martingale betting system is very much applicable in sports.

The only difficulty in using the Martingale betting system in football wagering is the identification of even odds or odds which are close to even. Thus to solve this problem our experts have identified other markets other than the pure 3-way market which seemingly provide even odds hence a winning edge to the punter; Asian handicap and goal line markets. It may entirely seem that once you get the even odds, you are good to go. But you are not! After getting the even odds you need to evaluate whether the odds are value bets that’s if can add to the value of your bet slip.

Martingale betting system like any other betting strategies has its limitations which may adversely or relatively affect the overall Martingale betting system’s beauty and simplicity;

  • For one to apply this method, they must have a big bankroll balance. The popularity of the Martingale betting system relies on the punter’s ultimate profit-making and ability to wager infinitely that’s with a huge sum of money.
  • This betting strategy is not for ambitious persons. Most betting strategies are designed to give punters maximum profit within a short period of time. Actually, this is basically the opposite of what the Martingale betting system does. Hence any punter with the hope of hitting great profits may find this approach non-tolerable.
  • The Martingale betting system is very boring. Considering the fact that the Martingale betting system does not give the amusing huge onetime wins and one has to spend a lot of time se