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Sports betting entail the activity of predicting the outcomes of sporting events and being able to place a wager on the outcome.

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The betting industry in Kenya has grown tremendously prompting most people to seek knowledge on how to bet via different betting sites. Being a newbie in the betting industry with no clue on how the betting activity is done may lead to huge losses as due to using wrong betting strategies and sometimes mistakenly selecting a different option from what one was opting for.

Therefore most betting fans all over the world are constantly seeking more knowledge on how to bet on the different betting markets offered by betting sites worldwide. Most of the sought information on how to bet entail details on; How to bet and win, How to bet online, How to bet money on sports, How to bet on football, How to bet on basketball, How to bet on horses and finally casino betting.

Casino betting is the market giving a big challenge to Kenyan punters because most of the casino games are new in the betting industry. Due to the increased virtual technology, most gamblers prefer Casino and virtual games betting rather than the normal sports betting.

This may be contributed to by the short time one takes to win relatively large amounts of cash from the betting sites compared to normal sports betting where the punter has to wait for some time to know the fate of their stake. Sports betting, Virtual betting and Casino betting are the main betting markets availed by Kenyan betting sites and some people have embraced betting as an occupation while others do it as a means of earning extra cash or more of leisure besides watching sports.

Following the establishment of SportPesa betting site in the Kenyan betting industry, millions of Kenyan citizens have been seeking to know how to bet on the different markets that are of course considering that more betting sites came into the industry then introduced more complex markets and difficult betting options.

Some of the challenging betting options are betting on handicap selections, betting on certain casino options amongst many other hard to follow deals. Knowing how to bet on the complex markets would increase one’s expertise and these seemingly difficult markets are said to be the easiest to win in; that’s according to most pro bettors.


Betting is a risky way of investing money thus the gambler may or may not end up successful in the betting industry.

Punters refer to it as a risk-ridden way of making money and every gambler acknowledges that they must be ready to incur big losses yet with the motive of making good fortunes that’s when their lucky day dawns in.

Regardless of the NO RISK NO GAIN betting slogan, it’s is obvious that punters would like to get a value of their money just like any investor would. So getting to know how to bet and win would require that the gambler gets to know the best tricks to get around the bookies, the right time to bet and the right markets to stake on.

There are several tips on how to bet as put forth by our experts and checking through them briefly, this is how you analyze games and bet on them wisely:

  • Be well versed with your sport. Bea big fun of the sport be it football, tennis, or any other sporting activity and have the highlights of the particular sports at your fingertips.
  • Base your betting prediction on long term records. Most punters concentrate on the latest performance of the playing sides overlooking the overall performance of the seemingly weak side and as betting, experts say “The favorite doesn’t always win”.
  • Ensure fewest selections possible.
  • Avoid betting based on odds. Check the team value and potential not the odd.
  • Bet based on the analyses and not your feelings.


Online betting has taken over the betting industry following technology advancement thus bookies have moved from former physical betting shops to online betting.

Before expanding on how to bet online, it is considered essential to understanding activities entailing the online betting feature. Online betting as the names hints is done via online portals that are either; the betting site or the betting mobile/Windows App of the betting company.

For a gambler to bet online, they need to access any of the online betting platform owned by a betting service provider and place their bets as all selections, markets and betting resources are hosted within this portals.


Sport betting is the key online betting market and sporting activity in the world. Betting on sports may seem tricky or nearly impossible in the current competitive betting industry but it is the easiest betting activity to venture in.

To bet on sports you need to be well versed with the three fundamental sports betting requirements; understand basics of your preferred bets, identify a local or online Sportsbook to bet with and finally you can set a fantasy sports league to bet on.


Betting on football is considerably similar to sports betting since football is an entity of sports betting.

 how to bet on football

Following the sports betting guidelines, one should be conversant with the different selections availed by different bookmakers.


Basketball betting may not be as prominent as soccer betting however experts always argue that it is simpler.

 how to bet on basketball

Basketball teams have a certain profile which seems quite fixed thus the team’s performances rarely degrade hence punters may have an easy time making their prediction.

The reason behind basketball’s betting unpopularity may be due to its fewer markets than soccer although basketball betting experts and fans attest to earning good profits from the basketball betting.


Horse games are quite popular in Europe and therefore considered to be cool markets as they have a good fan-base even in other continents including Africa. Horse betting is simple although quite tricky as there may be no good profile for one to base their prediction on.

A successful horse wagering calls for specialization as the punter will come across many types of horse raises and specialization would prevent the gambler ‘s bet from being failed by weak horses.


This brief review on how to bet may guide you on what happens under the highlighted scenarios.

That’s by getting you informed on how to go about with betting as per the aspects, however it is essential to go through the detailed reviews on; How to bet and win, How to bet online, How to bet on football/soccer, How to bet on basketball, How to bet on horses and How to bet on sports which are discussed under this blog.