match corners

Amongst all betting strategies, corner betting strategy is the least popular betting strategy although it has a very high probability of the punter doubling or tripling their stakes. Corner betting is not entirely done based on maybe the gambler’s feelings but should rely on analysis as per well-established corner betting strategies.

The corner betting strategy involves betting on the exact number of corners, 2-way corners betting option, over betting option and under a set number betting selections. These selections entail betting on exact, maximum and minimum number of goals to be conceded in the course of the particular match.

Before wagering on corner outcome tips it is advisable that one considers; the strength and weaknesses amongst the playing teams, whether the home or away team is the stronger/weaker team, the defensive status of the two teams, weather conditions at the area of play and finally the next match of the two teams which will affect the team’s squad selection.


The above factors work in the corner betting strategy according to the following criteria:

The difference in strength and weaknesses between the playing teams. A match between two teams with one of the teams being top in the league and the other bottom is likely to have more corner kicks than in the case of teams with equal potentials. This is because the stronger teams will attack frequently and thus the weaker team will throw in many corner opportunities. Basically, the goalkeeper of the weaker team will save more shots with most of these saves resulting in corner kick opportunities.

Weak team playing at home: When the weak team is playing at home, they end up starting the match with a lot of energy hence winning few or several corner kicks. As the match continues, the weaker team corner kick earning rate decreases however the first few corners earned at the beginning of the match will add to the total corner score in the particular match.

Stronger team playing at home: The stronger team playing at home will probably have a large crowd of fans meaning that the stronger home team will have a higher urge to score as many goals as possible. Thus through the many goals attempts witnessed, a good number of these will probably result in corner kicks opportunities.

The defensive and attacking tendencies of both teams: When both teams are aggressive to score, there will be more corners witnessed than teams not determined enough to make goals rather defend. Therefore two attacking teams will end up having more corner kicks opportunities than teams playing defensive games.

Weather condition: As a punter try to establish the weather conditions at the location the match is taking place. That’s if the weather situation is going to be rainy, snow, windy, etc…? This will affect the match by making the goal attempt rate low. Hence unfavorable weather conditions result in low corner turnouts and vice versa is also possible.

The next match a team is going to play: If the next game is a difficult or very important match, strong teams tend to save their key players hence trying new players in the field. The weakened stronger team won’t play in a similar manner as the usual strong team the punter is used to.


Corner betting is easy and very simple hence a precise summary on how to choose the appropriate factors to guide you during the corner wagering process should not be a cause of alarm! These are some of the many factors the punter is expected to consider in corner betting scenarios:

  • Research well and identify games in which a stronger team is playing against a weaker team as the corner tendencies of these matches are usually quite predictable.
  • Avoid the exact number of goals as well as the under option on corner betting. The corner betting strategy advises that you try and identify favorable matches you can stake an over option on.
  • In case the game has ended in a draw that’s at the first half, ensure that you gamble on a higher number of corners in the second half as both teams will be struggling to eliminate the score balance.
  • If the stronger team in any case lost in the first half, be sure of many corners in the course of the second half.
  • Try to wager on corners to be granted within 0-15 or 16-30 minutes of the match. Never bet on the "No corners selection as this will definitely lose"
  • Avoid guessing based corner betting options such as the Odd/Even predictions since in these there is no particular guideline on how one should choose them.
  • If it’s windy or raining expect more corners but when cold and maybe snow weather conditions show, there will be few corners.


Corner betting is very easy but still, the odd setters may take advantage of you being uninformed about the markets hence take you for a long rough ride. Therefore ensure you follow up on matches when in-play to establish the corner earning potentials of the teams and also note that this corner betting strategy is never fixed hence be motivated to always seek more information pertaining corner betting.

And a polite warning; NEVER TRUST ANY FOOTBALL CORNER PREDICTION SITE! they are usually wrong most of the times thus instead follow the strategy under this review as well as your own expertise while wagering on corner betting.