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How to make big cash at casino betting? What platforms offer casino games?

Casino betting is one of the oldest betting markets and the casino market has gone through a lot of revolution resulting in the establishment of the casino genre in online betting sites. Casino betting may be done online that’s via pure online casino shops or normal betting sites offering the casino betting feature.

Else one may consider visiting a Casino shop in case of any legal casino shop around their home area; And probably is worth noting that casino shops sometimes are run illegally and that may get you into trouble if found in an illegal casino or you breach the casino code/rules of conduct at these physical casino shops.

Casino betting is an amusing leisure activity associated with expeditions, leisure trips, tourism, and mostly drug consumptions in the casino stores that is why you can rarely get many casino stores and in case of any, they may end up in the wrong hands of the authorities as passing the illegal drugs issue has deemed inevitable for these guys. However, we also have secure casino places which have gone to the extent of becoming tourist centers and famous fun places like Vegas.

However, with technology advancement, Casino betting is now availed via websites and casino apps by different casino games providers. Under this review we shall focus on online casino betting which is highly sorted by many casinos fans and gamblers looking forward to gaining knowledge on; Casino games, how to bet at the casino, live casino, online casino, slots, roulette, blackjack, and the poker game.

Additionally, we shall be highlighting details on best Kenya casino service providers as well as try to make you aware of the illegal online casino structures in other casino betting reviews under the casino betting section of this blog. Do you need to become a casino betting “Guru”? see details on all online casino deals and be sure to go through all other casino betting reviews to become real casino “Gem”.


Casino betting is very popular amongst casino lovers although not everyone is able to access a physical casino shop. To make it out for such gamblers, various casino service companies have established online casino betting which has been embraced by many people.

Betting and winning cash in a casino has proved to be quite easy and cash flow volume really high although for the very green individuals trying casino betting mostly turns out a nightmare. The overall implication here is that one needs to have massive knowledge and casino betting background before trying to bet.

Online casino betting in Kenya is provided by several betting sites with the best ones being 1XBet, Betin Kenya and Game Mania.


Different online casino betting sites offer varying number and types of casino games.


The play of some of the casino games may be very much similar but game names vary depending on the betting site. Some of the most popular and common casino games are:

  1. The roulette
  2. Blackjack
  3. Cards
  4. Hi-Low games
  5. Spin and win games
  6. Dice


Casino betting can only be done on online casino platforms of the betting sites offering this feature thus privileges entailing SMS betting aren't accrued to this betting product. To bet on the casino, you need to visit the betting site’s casino market, navigate to the casino game you want to bet on and finally make your selections, specify your stake and place the bet.

The good thing about casino betting is that you don’t need to take many hours of agitation wondering what the outcome of your bet would be as in casino betting, your bets are settled in less than 5 minutes.


Live casino games are casino markets run by a live agent and that’s in a TV setting on the casino betting platform.

 live casino

The online presenters are from certified casino shops from which online casino service providers seek the broadcast service. A cool example of the live casino is the betting TV casino and as they quote “Our beautiful and glamorous hosts will guide you through all bet types”, the agents chair the betting process in what feels like a physical casino experience as they make it so real!


As mentioned at the beginning of the review, casino fans may fail to have a physical casino shop within their area since these shops rarely pass the legal standards.

Hence betting sites and mobile apps have been developed to provide the casino markets ensuring every interested person accesses the casino service at the comfort of any location they are in. Online casino betting requires one to have a strong internet connection.


These are casino games designed to cover real-life experiences and business activities like a stock exchange, Candyland, One night in Vegas, Santa gifts, among many other familiar real-life occurrences.


Betting on the slots casino market would require the gambler to be quite versed with the societal happenings related to these casino games.


Roulette casino games are games involving an online table-like structure with a spin and wheel that punters spin to win money if the roulette’s resting point is at their selections.

The roulette majorly features African roulette, American roulette and Roulette and the three are the most common types of roulette games availed by almost all casino service providers in Kenya.


One of the most popular casino games where one sets their table limit with which they feel that they can beat the dealer by achieving a certain hand value.

The table limit is set by selecting the value of chips one needs from the blackjack table.


This is a cards game which involves one matching cards in specific orders for them to win. Poker is very popular on online casino shops and physical casino shops. Mostly poker is considered a game of trickery and there may be a lot of cheating when it comes to the physical casino shops.

Since you cannot cheat on online poker games, try to get details on the poker basics and tricks in our poker review.


Casino betting market has highly taken on Kenya’s betting market as alongside live betting and virtual betting, casino betting avails a fast and simple way of earning huge cash returns.

This has encouraged many people to turn to casino betting and thus making the casino betting market very popular with almost all Kenyan betting sites trying hard to host the casino feature.