As the name implies, it isn't yet the "Lion" in the Kenyan gambling jungle, just for fun-saying sake though. Betlion app has been rising the wagering cadre among good picks made by clients.

However, the bookie provoked sentiments when it rolled out Betlion apk targeting her armada of android smartphone users, which saw iOS and Windows clients left out. But, they broke such jinx and filled the lacuna by subsequently establishing Betlion mobile to douse tensions.

 betlion app

Why Should any Betlion Customer Hold on to this App?

There’s absolute peace of mind delivered while wagering on the Betlion-lite mobile app. Accessing your user wagering account is effortlessly done via simple click.

Every client can receive notifications on special wagers of choice plus the coterie of attributes and functionalities the grace the Betlion app. Superb loading speed is another catch that cannot be waved aside, because this is the real deal due to few lags encountered while using the desktop-based web domain.

But on the app everything seems expedient. In fact, it’s a game changing app to be behold that serves you anywhere – the barrier breaker.

Android-Based Procedural Guide for Download

Punter’s experience has been quite uneasy in relation to downloading the Betlion app. The reasons this issue could be attributed to is app’s absolute absence; not being showcased on Google Play Store.

So, clients get bewildered, but unknown to newcomers especially, bookie had already dedicated a way out thru a download link on bookmaker’s homepage. This entails that the app is coded into Betlion apk download. Once this download gateway is thrown open, download commences earnestly, then followed by deployment in a strict procedural step-wise manner.

Firstly, upon landing on the web domain either by Betlion mobile or desktop, traverse extreme top left of webpage to tap hit the icon circled in blue as shown below.

 betlion download app

Afterwards a page opens for further actions – that’s tapping the displayed download tab as shown below. *Note: when the tab for download is hit, the process kicks off devoid of delay, so stay put till it finishes carrying on with deployment.

Deployment of Betlion Android App

Deploying Betlion apk download to smart mobile gadgets is pure soft-walk devoid of inconvenience or bug problems plaguing apps.

However, such course of action entails moving to the SETTINGS area of the preferred android phone.

Upon its opening, situate the SECURITY knob and tap it as displayed beneath.

A set of alternatives shows up, then choose tapping the UNKNOWN SOURCES - by gently sliding the small knob to the right which turns on the unknown sources - enabling the deployment of apps from a source alien to the Play Store.

Afterwards, revert to deploy the Betlion app from downloads folder. Then, exercise some patience to allow for deployment within a few moments.

 betlion app installing

After the Betlion apk download has concluded its deployment. Kindly follow the subsequent prompts that follow.

Then move to open Betlion app, which upon opening, ensure you permit the app access to phone's storage - this enables you to receive updates on gaming activities plus periodic app updates.

 betlion app install

Finally you can have full access to your Betlion app download freely where you have to input your user access details to get into the wagering system on bookie's platform.

iOS-Based Procedural Guide for Download plus Deployment of Betlion App

As aforestated in earlier bookie doesn’t yet have apps devoted to carry iOS based smart gadgets. But, an alternative is offered in place to pacify them thru the introduction of Betlion mobile.

Latest Betlion App Editions

While enjoying the benefits of Betlion app as you wager on different marketplaces made available, the app constantly undergoes updates and when app bug problems arises the team of professional app developers takes care of it immediately to afford customers unfettered wagering experience.

Mobile Betlion Wagering Edition

The Betlion mobile is like a prayer answered out of the blues to pacify all iOS plus Windows bettors who had no iOS- plus Windows-based app to serve their wagering needs. This alternative gateway serves both Windows and iOS users only, who are left out without an app.

The mobile version is just a replica of the web-based version just that the difference is that one is built to run on desktop and the mobile version runs on portable mobile devices like tabs and smart phones. Every function as is on the web domain is replicated herein and it's superbly swift in loading and its UI is one of the best.

Need for downloading Betlion apk today?

It’s necessary to get plus deploy the Betlion apk download because it’s the only means introduced by bookie to get download access to using Betlion app on android systems since there are no apps catering for users of other portable devices that runs on either Windows or iOS.


Does transacting thru Moneybookers regarding funds lodgement and pullout supported on Betlion mobile?

Such transaction alternative isn’t available.

What possibility exists for funds pullout thru smartphone or tablet?

In accordance with what the web domain prescribes and supports, using Short Message Servoce serves this purpose. The magic is dispatching this code to 40418: WD#AMOUNT#PIN, e.g. WD#3000#4408. On the other hand, open the mobile web domain, then traverse to menu tab situated just right of webpage, where you'd locate the withdraw tab.

How possible is it to edit or delete a betslip using the mobile version?

Nothing specifically points to such scenario or occurrence. But, the client’s service team can offer more insights.

Can I become a member of Betlion and place bets if I am not of lawful age?

It’s forbidden in line with best practices and bookie’s regulations.

Should I make another account to bet through the mobile application?

That’s forbidden and it’s not advisable, every customer is restricted to ONLY one account.

What damage would using VPN software cause if I’m entering my Betlion account thru mobile gadgets?

It’ll pose serious hinderance to you since your use of the Betlion mobile is geocentric – implying that you can’t use services meant for Kenyan clients.