How to bet at casino

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How to bet at casino

Are you a betting fan? Interested in casino betting? I bet you have been wondering how you can bet on casino and make good money out of it. As you walk amongst your peers and maybe the “Betting nation” citizens, you will occasionally hear people telling stories of their wins in casino markets and also the sports betting market. Should you believe them? That’s upon your conscious as most gamblers keep losing money to the betting sites and come out yapping how they won maybe in a single lucky bet slip. That’s not the way to go about betting, as betting is all about you being a badass gambler, beating the bookies maturely as many times as possible. Casino betting has proven to earn more profits and huge returns to gamblers than normal sports betting but obviously the higher the risk of losing a bet, the higher the value of payouts.


Therefore even before you start your casino betting career, have it in mind that hot streaks never last thus don’t be overexcited by your high profits and start investing inconsiderably in casino betting as you can lose all the profits within few minutes. In all casino markets, earning returns is quick in fact in less than three minutes and the win rate may be equivalent to the loss rate thus betting with feelings and instincts may be a lifetime mistake by any prosperous casino gambler. Any casino prospect should be well informed of the casino betting tricks, casino bet types, casino betting guidelines, and any other detail pertaining to the amusing casino betting deal. Having hinted on the article focus that’s on How to bet at casino, this review will cover several details under our main topic; A casino betting advice, Casino games to bet on and casino games not to bet on, How to bet at baccarat casino game, how to bet at blackjack casino game, How to bet on jacks, and finally highlight the right step for casino betting fans to take in perfecting their casino betting skills.

Casino betting advice

According to our expertise in betting that’s both casino and sports or any other betting, there is no fixed rule to betting but we have different guidelines to professional betting. No set of guidelines that guarantees straight wins in the betting industry. Therefore from experience, we have several aspects which may help you in casino betting and some apply in probably all betting markets;

  • Know that the house always has an edge thus you need to outsmart the dealer for you to win.
  • Have your betting budget well specified and don’t exceed under any compellation.
  • Limit your casino betting time. Take a rest as a break helps in making your mind sharper and able to see most of the tricks being used by the dealer.
  • Bet with the only amount you are able to lose comfortably. Also, ensure that you don’t borrow any money to bet as the chances of losing are always high that’s why it’s called gambling as it is a gamble.
  • Play only games you understand. The betting site at the time display the wins on the various casino games aiming to lure more customers to take part in the deals. But the winners may be pros in the games and any newbie would possibly incur huge losses if they try these markets.

Those are just some of the personal principles a gambler should develop before getting into casino betting to avoid people getting frustrated by losing in casino gambles. However, that doesn’t mean that casino betting is purely a bad omen as many people are hitting great fortunes from the casino betting market; meaning being well versed with casino markets and tricks may contribute to your success in casino betting.

Casino betting games

In casino betting, we identified games which would probably require some skill that’s trick in a way thus favorable for any punter to stake on and the other category composed of games which rely on guesswork and we’ve recommended our readers to avoid betting on them as much as possible.

Casino games to bet on:

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat

Casino games you should try and avoid:

  • Three-card poker
  • Red dog
  • Roulette
  • Big six wheel
  • Slots

How to bet on baccarat

The baccarat is a very easy casino game to get along with.


First considering the fact that the game has only three possible results, betting on it is relatively easy and requires no expertise. To win your baccarat casino game bets be sure to stake on the banker or the player’s hand.

How to bet on blackjack

To hit better cards than the dealer and win the blackjack casino game you need to;

  • Play only tables with the fewest possible decks.
  • In case the dealer shows the range 2 to 9, double down on a 10 or an 11.
  • If the dealer shows 7 or greater try to stake on 12 to 16
  • Don’t take insurances as this may affect your winning rate negatively.

How to bet on video poker

The most popular jacks is the 9/6 version that’s at full house and flush instances.


The following guidelines are essential in playing video poker casino game:

  • Never keep a high card along with a pair (Avoid kicker cards)
  • Throw away small pairs
  • Play maximum coins to get the best odds
  • Play a full payout 9/6 version by checking the full house/ flush payouts for each icon.

How to bet casino: Conclusion

There may be no verified approach to casino betting, but gamblers have always analyzed and discovered tricks which they end up using to win great fortunes from casino betting. Thus it’s up to you as a casino prospect to practice and research on information pertaining casino betting to be well versed with casino betting.

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