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In live casino betting, you will come across the same experience as you would in a normal casino betting scenario. The only difference between live casino betting and normal casino games betting is that live casino involves real dealers or playing against other gamblers in some cases. In Kenya, the availed live casino games entail the punter staking on casino games which are presided over by a host. The benefit of the live casino is that you engage real people so unlike the machine run casino, you can possibly trick the dealer or maybe learn the dealer’s tactics.


To be well versed with the live casino feature, we suggest that you go through this review and also visit sites offering casino betting resources and play the demo bets where you don’t use real money. Most betting sites have actually offered the demo feature which is an additional advantage for the punters to practice and sharpen their skills in casino betting. In the course of doing more research on the live casino betting feature, try to focus on questions like; How to play live casino, How to make money online betting in a live casino, What are the live casino bet types, and strategies used in playing live casino. With answers to those questions, you will be close to being a casino betting expert and thus you will need a little more practice and then you will find yourself in a position to hit the bookies tremendously. This live casino review shall analyze live casino betting from the perspective of; Work of the dealer in live casino, How to play live casino (Under this we shall discuss more on; How to play Live roulette, How to play live blackjack, and How to play Live baccarat), and Live casino betting advice.

Live casino betting advice

Every betting market must be guided by principles which may be personal or general betting principles. Therefore briefly as you look forward to getting into the casino betting market, is worth knowing the following:

  • Play to have fun. Live casino is played only for fun that’s why everyone yearns to visit the Vegas casino hub as the environment guarantees more leisure in addition to a lot of gambling that takes place there.
  • Don’t try to interrupt live casino games that are either online or land-based as that will be against the casino etiquette and it will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid the loss recovery mentality. Loss chasing makes punters lose focus and bet out of feelings of recovering and maybe earning more hence they may end up placing even more risky bets with a lot of money. This situation mostly leads to more losses to the gambler.
  • Ensure a good connection using a fully functional device. Network and mobile system’s failure highly frustrates punters during live betting.
  • Only bet with the amount you can afford to lose. As stated earlier under the casino betting review, casino betting is highly risky than any other betting market. Therefore place bets within your extra budget and don’t use your main budget to service live casino or any other casino betting lifestyle.
  • Remember that hot streaks rarely last.

How the dealer works in a live casino

In a live casino set up, the dealer also referred to as the host is the helm of the game. The Live casino dealer is the main contact point where you can direct any queries in course of the play. The dealer is also in charge of starting the live casino play that’s by spinning the wheel, drawing and playing cards amongst other responsibilities drawn from real-life casino betting. Additionally, after punters place their bets online, the dealer is in charge of placing those bets on the physical casino tables and the bets will be displayed on your screen.

How to play live casino

There are numerous casino games which can be played under the live casino betting market. We shall put our weight behind the most popular live casino games.

How to bet on