mCHEZA app in our opinion is unique in its own way. It's superb, elegant and comes with full detail of modernity and attractiveness that magnet the fancy of interests from many Kenyan bettors, especially the younger generation of Kenya gamblers.

There's a little bit of controversy when it comes to mCHEZA app download. Why? This stems from misconstruing the fact that bookie provided a wagering app solely for gamblers utilising android-powered smart portable gadgets and decided to leave out punters who cherish iOS-run gadgets. This is not true in any sense. What informed their decision is that the betting demography in Kenya shows that most people prefer android-run devices because of cheap affordability only.

 mcheza mobile

To fill in such gap, other means of accessing the web domain of mCHEZA were developed to reachout every bettors irrespective of their preference for gadget use, especially the mCHEZA mobile.

In another vein, bookie's app is built to accommodate all the services and functions on the web domain, so there's no love lost or shortcoming experience if at all any exists.

Why fixated on the app’s use for wagering?

This is a question of what informs bettor’s choice to remain steadfast on the bookmaker’s portal without wavering. There’s this ease of traversing the bookie’s webpages thru mCHEZA app without difficulty; portability, quick site loading and unhindered wagering while on the go, especially for sports fanatics in Kenya.

 mcheza app android

Of course, there’s deepening internet user density due to cheap access to portable smart gadgets in Kenya. There is an array of gambling cum gaming marketplaces on bookie’s web domain. A lot of modern gaming functions are added to improve gamer’s delight while wagering.

mCHEZA App for Android Bettors – Download Measures

Well, like some other betting apps, mCHEZA app download isn’t showcased on Google Play Store but the bookie made it possible to downlaod its app via its web domain, ensuring easy reach without hitches.

 mcheza app download

The explanation to be given here is that the app is wrapped up in an apk file which is downloaded via the site only.

 mcheza app

mCHEZA App for Android Bettors – Deployment Measures

Deploying mCHEZA app to smart mobile devices is smooth and clear devoid of problems or bug fixes. However, such course of action entails moving to the SETTINGS area of the preferred android phone.

When it opens, locate the SECURITY button and tap on it.

A set of options shows up, then choose to tap the UNKNOWN SOURCES - to slide the small knob to the right which turns on the unknown sources - enabling the deployment of apps from a source alien to the Play Store.

Afterwards, revert to deploy the mCHEZA app from downloads folder.

Then, exercise some patience to allow for deployment within a few moments.

After the mCHEZA app has concluded its deployment. Kindly follow the subsequent prompts that follow.

Then move to open mCHEZA app, which upon opening, ensure you permit the app access to phone's storage - this enables you to receive updates on gaming activities plus periodic app updates.

Finally you can have full access to your mcheza app download freely where you have to input your user access details to get into the wagering system on bookie's platform.

Guide for iOS App Download for mCHEZA

This is where the principal dissatisfaction and shortcoming lies with mCHEZA mobile. There’s no designated s mCHEZA app for iOS punters in Kenya.

This is quite an abnormality, even though other gaming service enterprises join in the fray but mCHEZA mobile truly needs to buckle up to envelop such lacuna.

Deployment of mCHEZA App dedicated for iOS-based systems

There’s a bad news in this respect. Unfortunately, there’s no need conceiving the thought or prospect of download since there’s no iOS mCHEZA app. Sounds odd but that’s true.

New Editions of the mCHEZA app

The bookie announced via its twitter handle two years ago that it’s going to release two new mCHEZA apps to advance and keep up with modern trends in the gambling industry, and they did just that by rolling out mCHEZA app for Sports and for Casino gambling at same time. But they are exclusively developed to run on android system.

 mcheza mobile sports

Betting via the mobile mCHEZA version

The mCHEZA mobile is like a prayer answered out of the blues to pacify all iOS bettors who had no iOS-based app to serve their wagering needs.

This alternative gateway serves both windows and iOS users only, who are left out without an app. The mobile version is just a replica of the web-based version just that the difference is that one is built to run on desktop and the mobile version runs on portable mobile devices like tabs and smart phones.

Every function as is on the web domain is replicated herein and it's superbly swift in loading and its UI is one of the best.

Why download mCHEZA apk today?

It’s necessary to get plus deploy the mCHEZA app apk because it’s the only means introduced by bookie to get download access to using mCHEZA app on android systems since there are no apps catering for users of other portable devices that runs on either Windows or iOS.


Where’s mCHEZA app download link situated?

This is a nice question for any observant bettor. The system of downloading the app is quite strange, but easy when found. The bookie dedicated a download link which it published on its twitter handle two years ago for both sports and casino based apps.

Does mCHEZA offer a mobile bonus?

No, that’s one of the turn offs of the bookie.

How does mCHEZA mobile edition of the site be at variance from app?

A clear-cut distinctive feature is that one (mobile version is stationary – it cannot be installed but can be access thru a dedicated mobile-based domain) whereas the other (mobile app is dynamic – it can be downloaded and deployed for use on a portable smart gadget before use).